Crashing Like Stars - Heavy Drapes

Last Album of Tragic Punk Rock Star

Heavy Drapes - Crashing Like Stars,

At last, the most anticipated punk record of the last few years is here, from Heavy Drapes, the brightest burning meteorites on the UK punk scene. The sudden death of frontman Garry Borland was the only thing that could have stopped them and that tragic event has seen the band dissolve before the release of this long-awaited debut album. Heavy Drapes took a simple formula and gave it a towering, enigmatic makeover. Dangerous, glamorous, sexy and soaring, all of the things punk rock generally isn't in the modern world. They've crafted an album that doesn't have a dull moment on it, with songs that need to be played loud, proud and indignant - just like Garry. Track listing: 1. Should I Suck Or Should I Blow / 2. Into The Blue / 3. Janie / 4. Hanging Like A Suicide / 5. Human Machine / 6. I Wanna Be Maladjusted / 7. Number One / 8. Nightrippin / 9 Head Skewed On / 10  Make Some Trouble
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    RabbleRouser Music
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Crashing Like Stars
Heavy Drapes